Convention Aftermath;  Results of elections; new way to communicate with the membership.
Convention Aftermath:
The Chipley convention is history.  Thanks to the organizers, a consortium of panhandle beekeeping associations, lead by the new Central Panhandle Beekeepers Association.  A huge thanks goes to the dynamic duo that orchestrated the affair, Annette and Tim Lanham of the latter association.  Both have become life members of the Florida State Beekeepers Association.  Take a look at the website containing both the program brochure with full listing of presentations as well as the results of the newly-minted advertising campaign.

Well over 100 people attended the event, which was really an amalgamation of the University's master beekeeper program, the Florida State Beekeepers Association's annual meeting, and the 3rd annual UF/IFAS Beekeepers Field Day & Trade show.  This year's event also included something called a SWOT session, exploring the Association's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.   Here Dr. Jamie Ellis discusses with the SWOT participants his plans concerning a possible new research facility and bee laboratory :

The convention featured discussions of a number of issues from bear problems experienced by beekeepers to the Aplachee Beekeepers Association's viral mapping project.  Dr. Heather Gamper provided an update to this innovative effort.   A surprising program was provided on a mapping initiative by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, designed to help beekeepers manage the ever-changing environment of pest control due to application for diseases like citrus greening.  This is worth exploring as it can open up some great new ways for beekeepers to look at possible apiary sites.  This is part of the new website rolled out by the Fresh From Florida Folks on bee protection.  A room full of eager beekeepers listened to all the presenters:

Thanks to Sonja Guthrie, President of the Apalachee Beekeepers Association, for the following report.

We had a great turn-out at the 2014 Florida State Beekeepers Association Annual Meeting and Convention, “Headin’ Back to the Country” in Chipley, Florida this weekend.
Congratulations to newly elected FSBA Vice President, ABA Member Tony Hogg! Tony is a founding member of the Apalachee Beekeepers Association and serves as club Secretary. He also serves on the Honey Bee Technical Council and is owner of Full Moon Apiary in Monticello. Tony brings knowledge, skills and abilities that will be an asset to the state association, as he is to our association, and we wish him great success in his endeavor!

The AvMap project was presented by Dr. Heather Gamper, and was among the best of the presentations at the conference. Congratulations are also in order for Heather, who was recognized as “Woman Beekeeper of the Year” for 2013 by FSBA.

The Welsh Honey Show was well represented by our association members, with the following ABA entry winners:

  • Light Amber Extracted Honey  - 1st place, Susan Drake & Charles Futch
  • Mead Dry – 1st place, Susan Humphries
  • Ornamental Candles – 1st place, Susan Drake & Charles Futch
  • Black  Jar – 1st place, Cassia Reimer
  • Edible Honey Cake – 2nd place, Cassia Reimer
  • Photography – Very Highly Commendable, Sue Humphries

    Editorial comment:  "Roy Smith should be recognized for his foresight and energy in bringing this program to the attention of the membership.  He was  also a presenter on Welsh technique." 

Master Beekeeper Program, new Apprentice Beekeepers are:

  • Cassia Reimer, who also tied for highest score in her class
  • Shawn Moore

 A big THANK YOU to all the club members that “headed back to the country”. These folks made a strong and meaningful presence by the Apalachee Beekeepers Association: Chuck Booker, Rodney Canterbury, Rick Flagg, Charles Futch and Susan Drake, Heather Gamper and little Matias, David Hall, Tony Hogg, Lisa Lazarus, Bob and Cory Livingston, Shawn Moore, Cassia Reimer, and Michelle Wahl. You done us proud!

It was a privilege and honor to be with you all this weekend at the FSBA event. If I missed any names or awards from our club, please let me know!
Sonja Guthrie, 2013 ABA president

The business meeting featured election of a new team of officers, headed by Tom Nolan of the Suncoast Beekeepers Association and Tony Hogg of the Apalachee Association.  This will hopefully show that both north and south Florida will be represented in future deliberations of the Association.  Here are the official results of the election.

President:     Tom Nolan        941-747-4588
Vice President: Tony Hogg         904-545-1072
Treasurer:     Debbie Bohannon     904-692-4238
Exe. Secretary:     Dr. Malcolm Sanford     352-336-9744

The membership can look forward to a number of innovations in terms of the Association's communications with members as the year begins.  One is that the traditional newsletter, The Florida Beekeeper, will no longer be published,  Instead the Association will be experimenting with communicating to members via this electronic newsletter.  It will be coming out more frequently than the old newsletter, which was published quarterly.  Distribution will be based on the Association's official database being maintained by Dan Killingsworth of the Escarosa Association.  All this will take some time to become implemented. The leadership would like to hear from members concerning this new form of communication and begs the membership have patience as new procedures in the membership process become routine.

Malcolm T. Sanford
Executive Secretary 

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